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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beli satu dapat satu. Itu memang Ibu suka. Em ini promo dari Gin&Jacqie . Setiap set hanya RM 49.90 sahaja. Nak beli sila terjah Gin&Jacqie ye. Ibu bukan agen. Hehe.

SET A-  Passport cover and cardholder

DESCRIPTION:  Add a little organization to your life with this great multi cardholder. With the pretty prints, this carholder can be just about anything you need. Carry your business card, credit card or even pictures!
* Snap opening
* 20 plastic inserts and holds up to 40 cards!

DESCRIPTION:This passport cover fits most passports. Inside flap works great to hold other small travel documents or tickets. With the fun print, it will be easy to look for your passport when you travel!

Compartment to slip in passport
Four additional compartments for name cards and credit cards
Flap compartment to keep other essential travel documents

SET B : Travel pouch + cardholder

TRAVEL POUCH ( rectangle shape pouch )
DESCRIPTION:  Multi-prupose pouch for travelling or even for your baby's stuff. When you don’t feel like carrying a bulky diaper bag for your baby, this is a perfect alternative.
  * Double zipper opening
  * One main big compartment
  * One clear compartment for small item

3 kawan BabyIbu berkata-kata..:

ChickyLicious said...

cantik nyer.. suka sgt..thanks for the info :)

eezah said...

cantik kaler dia..merah membara!

CuTeMiUt78 said...

wah.. nice gak ni...

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