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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Esok pertama kali. Pertama kali nak present my PhD proposal. Wish me luck!!

Sharing ilmu sikit. Guideline for proposal presentation slide.
  1. Title slide -- title of project, your name, matric no. and your Supervisor's name
  2. Outline of Presentation
  3. Introduction  (Background to study)
  4. Statement of Problem
  5. Objectives
  6. (Research Questions (if relevant)
  7. Scope of study (if relevant)
  8. Significance 
  9. Review of Literature  (key works only)
  10. Proposed Methodology
  11. Expected Outcome

10 kawan BabyIbu berkata-kata..:

nurulazham said...

gud luck dear!

AA said...

all the best yana!

isabelle said...

all d best. i know u can do it.

keep us updated with the 'after session'

Elyn said...


LynnLyana said...

aku doakan ko punye proposal approve...chayok!chayokk!!

Muhammad Adam Rayyan said...

adam jadi orang pertama panggil auntie DOCTOR!! yahuu~

Le Chevalier said...

good luck...insya-Allah

sue said...

bleh cedok guideline ni =)

Rugby rules said...

Hi best of luck dear.

Imma said...

we..dah lama tak menjengan BabyIbu nih..mcm2 cerita tertinggai..

BTW..good luck even dah terlewat..and Yana..bila nak ada update pasal info pregnancy lagi..mcm dah lama takder update.. ;-)

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