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Friday, May 14, 2010

Update: Penyertaan sudah ditutup. Harap Maklum.

Research Project: Uncovering the voices of young, Malaysian Malay Housewives

Many products and services do not meet the real needs of the new generation of Malaysian Malay housewives. Too many stereotypes, their unique voice needs to be heard!

We are choosing a mix of 15 Malaysian Malay housewives (with kids) under the age of 35 to form a panel.

Each mom will be paid RM 300 to share their thoughts on 7 topics from the comfort of their home.
One topic a day, 15 minutes a day, via a private blog we set up for them, or email.

On top of the RM300, one of these moms will walk away with an extra bonus of RM500 at the end of the week.

The candidates need to have at least one child, and must be STAY AT HOME MOMS (who do not have full time jobs). Writing in English / Malay is fine. The project is conducted and paid for by a trusted professional research agency.
Know anyone for the project?
Please call MONICA : 012-9612827 now if you know some moms, or if you’d like to apply. We need to confirm these moms by Sunday 16th May, midnight.

5 kawan BabyIbu berkata-kata..:

Ummi Hanie said...

ohh..nmpk menarik...

saya punya kriteria2 tu tp...agak segan la nak tonjolkan diri

anyway,thanx 4 info :)

ena said...

saya saya saya..


saya tak berminat... hahaha sangat sengal aku nih

arin said...

macam menarik nih.ada email address ms/mrs monica ni besides hp no dia?

Drama Mama said...

saya berminat and nak try. hopefully benda ni bukan scam lah. boleh percaya ni kan yana? i dah called monica ni pun, semangat! ang lain2 cuba la nasib cepat!

Wan Anie said...

bole percaya ke ni, haritu penah gak dpt email, kita reply tapi cam xde pape pun...

kalau betul2 memang nak gak join ;)

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