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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sesiapa berminat just email babyibu@gmail.com k. Tq.

From Isaac with Love Chain Clutch for Liz Claiborne

 Harga Butik: RM150
Harga BabyIbu: RM 100 (tak termasuk kos pos)
1. Gold  (SOLD) 
2. Silver - Available



Features (sama untuk dua-dua warna)



Panjang tali (tali boleh juga disimpan ke dalam untuk dijadikan Clutch

Liz Claiborne Arm Charmer Cyndred Wallet/Crossbody

Harga Butik: RM200
Harga BabyIbu: RM 120 (tak termasuk kos pos)
Condition: Used (9.5/10)

It really is an Arm Charmer! This Liz Claiborne organizer features a collection of pockets to keep cash, cards, and other small items--a slim phone and a compact, perhaps--in order, and also has removable extra-long cross-body strap for secure, hands-free wear. It does it all in chic style, too.
4.75" high, 8" wide, 1" deep, 24.0 inches" 
shoulder drop, snap closure

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