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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ibu ada jumpa satu blog yang jual tudung. Tudungnya cantik bercorak. Nama blognya Basitah Bussaina Contemporary.  Mari tengok kata-kata aluan dari tuan empunya blog:

Looking for a comfortable & elegant 'Top Notch' yet still follow the syariat....??
look here..............Basitah Bussaina Contemporary will give all the hijab lovers a perfercetion & elegant look that you need.

We provide hijabs with utmost quality expectation with a better price. Our market ranging from all level of people as we believe everybody can look beautiful & pretty.

We promise a lower price for every items we offer. Never the less we have "Deal of the Week" as our trade mark. 

Also not to forget....SALE.....which everyone looking for. Yes we do SALE every month.

Our products is comparable & equivalent to boutique standard which offer higher price. So that why all of you need to drop by at my store....Welcome All!!

Dengar sale yang Ibu selalu je singgah. Cantik-cantik tudungnya. Harga pun ok. Meh tengok tudung die pula:

Cantik kan? Siapa berminat jemputlah singgah Basitah Bussaina Contemporary.  Memang berbaloi-baloi.

1 kawan BabyIbu berkata-kata..:


suka tgok tudung yg ada corak glombang ombak tu.. cantik sgt

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