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Monday, November 5, 2012

Kali ni ada penulis jemputan pula - chewah. Penulis tu adalah Ayah :). Selamat membaca.

My second run for 2012 together with Ammar's Pak Lang, Aiman. The Great Eastern LIVE GREAT RUN 2012, which I took part in the 12km run, is slightly longer than my previous run which was the PJ Half Marathon 2012 7km run. Compared to the previous one, this time I came better prepared.

In my previous run I had targeted a time of 30mins+ for the 7km run. Turned out I wasn't as fit as I thought. hehehe. I managed to do it in just under 40mins. A bitter reality check. I use to do cross country back in high school, but that was then. This is now and something drastic had to be done. Time spent in the gym with Man KD (my footbally buddy) and reading up on sports nutrition seems to have a good effect.

This time I targeted a time of 1hr10mins for the 12km run. The route had some slight incline. Nothing too drastic though.
I was pacing myself based on the distance board the organizer had laid out at the roadside. By the 4km mark, I was doing 19mins+ which was good. But by the 6-8km mark, I started to have stomach cramp. Had to slow down a bit for it to wear off. Via the online timing below, you can see the pace dropping off slightly. This is made possible through the use of B-Tag on the back of the bibs. Gotta say I'm impressed. First time using it.

Pak Lang improved compared to his previous run and he was more than happy. We both were. You can tell by the big grin on our face.
I like the personal touch like the name on our bibs. I decided to call mine Ammarni, combination of Ammar and Amani.

The goodie bags was only given out after the race. I thought they wasn't any as I didn't get it beforehand. The only thing they could have made better, was the collection date of the bibs and shirts. It was the weekend of Hari Raya Qurban. Bad timing I suppose. Had to get someone else to collect it for me.

Inside the goodie bag. The usual stuff. Nothing unexpected. There were some coupons for light breakfast. Didn't use them as I wanted to get back ASAP. Had a football game at RRI. This was an invitation from my badminton friend, to play for our local mosque. Couldn't turn it down. I'm trying to reduce my football games as my knees are not holding up too well.

All in all, I'd say the event was pretty well organized and I truly enjoyed my run. Next one is December and I'm targeting 5mins flat per km. Enjoy some of the pictures at the event below.




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Rozita said...

kagumnya org boleh lari jauh2 ni... saya nak habiskan 500 meter pun semput...

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