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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sape suka masak kek bolehla intai2 ye.

Regular Price = RM1198
Deposit 50%
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ideal appliance for all of your kitchen preparation requirements. Whether you're an amateur cook or a professional chef, the Andrew James food mixer will make time consuming kitchen tasks such as mixing, whipping, stirring and kneading so simple and easy The Andrew James food mixer is so versatile it will become your new kitchen assistant. The unlimited uses will see your stand mixer being used to create all types of home baking favourites. Cookies, meringues, scones, cupcakes, Christmas cakes, fresh homemade bread and whipped creams can all be produced with ease using the stand mixer. The stand mixer is not only limited to baking. The mixer can be used to create many other foods such as sauces, homemade dips, mashed potato, mayonnaise and batters making it the one kitchen appliance you will always turn to for help
The Andrew James stand mixer is one of only a few food mixers to come complete with the following 4 mixer attachments
Dough Blade: For making dough and heavy cake mixes
Flexible Beater Blade: For sticky mixtures that tend to stick to the side of the bowl the flexible blade sweeps the bowl making sure all the ingredients are incorporated in your mixture
Aluminium Beater Blade: for foods such as cake mixes and batters
Baloon Whisk: For whisking egg whites and creams
Product information and features list
Extra Powerful motor: max 1500 watts
Robust gear mechanism 5.2 litre
Stainless steel dish max: 2kg mixture preparation 4
Mixer attachments 6 power levels + pulse function
Dishwasher safe
Stainless Steel mixing bowl
Removable splash guard
128 Page food mixer cookbook
Silicone spatula

6 kawan BabyIbu berkata-kata..:

Kuazue Mohd said...

adoila..klu dapur besat..rembat gak ni..

zarena heeney said...

alahai harganya takut tgk huhuhuhu

Raihana Rr said...

gadget utk org yg rajin baking

Nafisa81 said...

huii...canggih sgt ni...

GreenJade said...

aleee baru beli brand KENWOOD..

sis kalu kasi adiah betday ni I okay aje..hik3

Hani Fadhlina Abdul Rahman said...

Mak aii mahal nyer ...

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